Your Body in Motion...


After 10 years in the health and fitness industry working as both a physical therapist and strength coach my pursuit of the BEST results for my clients has led me to one key concept. Movement.


Movement is everything. If you put your body in motion you will change for the better.


The problem is... you have physical therapists and a healthcare system that is designed to do the opposite... short term results, prescriptions and dependency.

On the other end, you have Fitness professionals who are selling empty promises of 6 pack abs in 30 days, and 20 lbs of muscle gain in 8 weeks...  while totally ignoring some of the biggest factors (Training history, goals, physical limitations, and experience). 

What we believe


Health and fitness is continuum NOT a destination.

Whether you're dealing with stubborn aches and pains, trying to get in better shape, seeking more confidence in your body, or trying to improve your performance...

 The process forward requires CONSTANT PROGRESS and must involve elements of the past, present and future.

 By improving any one area of your Health & Fitness, improvements will be made universally, while a deficiency in any one will hold back everything.

Ultimately the only way to get to the best version of you is... making a commitment to yourself and falling in love with the process along the way. 

Where we want to go


I believe everyone has the right to live healthy, pain-free and confidentlyThe goal is to deliver real life, sustainable results to 1 million people and spread our labor of love for health & fitness worldwide.

Welcome to #kineteknation


-Dr. Dale Bartek PT, DPT