The 100% Results Driven ONLINE Therapy System designed to help you FEEL BETTER. FASTER.


The 100% Results Driven ONLINE Therapy System designed to help you FEEL BETTER. FASTER.


Your therapy starts with YOU.


The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step to any successful therapy outcome is a DETAILED PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT to:


 Identify the ROOT CAUSE of your aches, pains, injuries & dysfunctions.


You have your own unique history, starting point and goals...

So anyone who tries to blindly tell you what to do without the skills to ASSESS your body in great detail is just plain WRONG.


I want to give you the opportunity to get this step out of the way and go through every single detail, giving you the absolute best advice I can.



Why I do this... 


There’s an extremely good chance that I have helped someone through the same problems you’re having. Over the last 10 years, I have helped over 1000 people worldwide feel better & get back to doing what they love.

I know there’s a certain percentage of people who will take my FREE advice and be interested in working with me directly to overcome their issues once and for all.

But rather than try to convince you how great it would be... I just figured I’d demonstrate how I can help you by actually helping you for FREE.


What makes this different?


I actually care about you.

I care about your goals and helping you reach them. 

Everything I do is 100% personal to your body and goals.

Let me help you identify the root of your problem and show you how to solve it once and for all for FREE…

And if you like that we can talk about working together.


Here's how it works...


Fill out the little questionnaire below to help me get prepared for our call.

Immediately after submitting the application you’ll be taken to my calendar where you will schedule a 1-on-1 video assessment directly with me, a professional, licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Not some online guru.

Get scheduled as soon as possible typically no more than a day or two from today. 

The primary focus is to give you the most detailed assessment you’ve ever had and let that experience speak for itself. 


Here's the catch:

I can’t and won’t talk to just anyone. I invest my time and energy and providing you the highest level of service for FREE so you need to meet some strict but reasonable criteria.

1. This call isn’t suited for people who are looking for a quick fix.

The assessment and strategies that I am going to use are best for people who want REAL long-term results.


2. No Time wasters

If you’re not serious about overcoming your issue and "just want to see what this is all about"- please don’t waste my time. 

As long as you’re committed to your results, I’ll be delighted to help you every way I can.


3. I make these calls one time.

In other words if you miss your scheduled time and don't show up - You're costing me my precious time that I could be giving to someone else.

So if you can’t make your schedule time please be respectful and either cancel or reschedule ahead of time... sound fair?


Here’s what to do next


Fill out the short application below and book your free assessment on the next page.

I will review your submission and prepare for our meeting. 

If for some reason it looks like I can’t help you I won’t waste our time and I’ll instead send you some free materials and resources that you can use right away.


I want this to be a great experience for you and be a huge step in the right direction to overcome your aches, pains and dysfunctions.


I look forward to speaking with you!

-Dr. Dale Bartek PT, DPT




How I get results in HALF THE TIME compared to traditional Physical Therapy


STEP 1: Assess

All good therapy and training outcomes start with a detailed professional assessment to determine the CAUSE of your aches, pains, injuries and dysfunctions. The problem is this step is often skipped leading to the cyclical process that always leads back to you feeling hurt and broken down...


STEP 2: Reset, Reinforce & Correct

After determining the root causes through assessment, we begin a process of decreasing pain, restoring mobility and movement, & improving strength and stability to actually solve the problem, not just make it temporarily feel better.

This part of the program relies heavily on education and empowering you to do the work!


STEP 3: Reload

Therapy is not complete unless we take the time to reload joint and muscles to get you working towards your physical goals whatever they may be. My clients leave my program stronger, more mobile, and with significantly pain and risk of future injury.



Robin Martin (International Yoga Teacher)

I’ve been teaching yoga for over ten years nationally and internationally. Dale know what it takes to create a strong, functional and pain free body. I have learned so much working with him and have been able to apply it to my practice.

Roland Schoeman (Olympic Gold Medalist)

I believe everyone out there whether an Olympic medalist or not can improve their joint health. I’ve found my hips and lower back just continue to be an issue for me. Dale helped me identify some of the restrictions going on in my body and I’m already seeing an impact and experiencing significantly less pain.

Kim Hall (Physio Therapist)

4 years ago I dislocated my shoulder. Even with my physio/rehab knowledge I couldn't figure it out, with Dale I learned about a system that was super easy to follow. I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and I'm finally back!

MORE time spent working directly with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

You deserve more attention, it's that simple. All good therapy comes from constant communication. Avoid the assistants and one size fits all "workout sheets.

LESS time spent on doctor visits, waiting rooms, and insurance companies.

Our belief is every single human being has the right to live a pain free life and should have access to the highest level of treatment possible without the constraints of the healthcare system.

EASIER to follow Online app based system that allows you to work from anywhere. 

Access to your custom built program, full support, and the ability to track progress in the palm of your hand from anywhere.


Kinetek Training App


"The easiest, simplest, most user friendly fitness app I've ever used."


✓ Your personalized routine in the palm of your hand

✓ Options to modify schedule

✓ HD video demonstrations

✓ Detailed written descriptions

✓ Track your progress daily

✓ Direct access to us to ask ALL your questions